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Gent Family Farm

Summary of the Gent Family Farm

Thomas Gent is a fourth generation family farmer who manages land regeneratively on his family’s 800 ha mixed arable farm in South Lincolnshire. Thomas is currently working with the carbon program Agreena to quantify and sell soil carbon certificates generated on the farm. Despite the farm’s soils being in good condition as a result of regenerative practices, Gent is still able to generate and sell soil carbon certificates as he has implemented further use of cover cropping and the addition of organic matter across the farm.


Farm Profile:

  • Location: South Lincolnshire
  • Size of Farm: 800 ha
  • Tenancy & Ownership: Owner Occupied
  • Nature Market Focus: Soil Carbon
  • Interventions: Direct drilling; cover crops and catch crops; reducing artificial inputs
  • Project Partners: Agreena

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