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Glenderamackin Natural Flood Management Project

Summary of the Resilient Glenderamackin Project

The Resilient Glenderamackin project is a catchment based natural flood management project that is working with farmers to mitigate flood risk in West Cumbria. The catchment consists of upland beef and sheep farms across owned, tenanted and common land, and covering a catchment of 14,200ha. West Cumbria Rivers Trust (WCRT) received funding from the Natural Environment Investment Readiness Fund (NEIRF) to explore how to create revenue streams through Natural Flood Management, with support from the Rivers Trust and Nature Finance. The project has applied to transition to Landscape Recovery, which will allow the project to access public money to support project development including developing a business model that could attract private sector payments for flood risk reduction. WCRT have taken on the running of the Glenderamackin Farmer group, made up of 24 landholdings across catchment.


Farm Profile:

  • Location: West Cumbria
  • Size of Land: 14,200 ha
  • Farm sizes: 10 – 1000ha
  • Tenancy & Ownership: small family farms, generational tenancies, a small number of large landowners and common land
  • Nature Market Focus: Natural Flood Management
  • Interventions: Pond & wetland creation; tree planting; restoring hedgerows; installing leaky dams and low bunds
  • Project Partners: West Cumbria Rivers Trust, The Rivers Trust, Nature Finance

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