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Green Farm Collective

Summary of the Green Farm Collective

The Green Farm Collective, initiated by Tim Parton and three other Soil Farmer of the Year recipients, brings together farmers committed to regenerative practices to share knowledge and market their agricultural products and natural capital assets. Members operate net-zero farming businesses, employ regenerative techniques like cover cropping, and showcase high soil health. Through partnerships with Trinity AgTech, the Collective facilitates carbon monitoring and sales, while also selling voluntary biodiversity plots to socially responsible companies and individuals.


Farm Profile:

  • Location: Across UK
  • Size of Land: various
  • Farm sizes: various
  • Tenancy & Ownership: Both
  • Nature Market Focus: soil carbon & voluntary biodiversity
  • Interventions¬†: reduced synthetic inputs, cover crops, minimum tillage, habitat creation
  • Project Partners: Trinity AgTech

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