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Neston Park Estate

Summary of Neston Park Estate

Neston Park Estate is a 2,000-acre estate in Corsham with 800 ha of farmland. The Estate has been farmed organically for 25 years and is currently exploring the possibility of selling carbon credits. The Estate’s Farm Manager, Paul Redmore is working with the Trinity AgTech Sandy tool to develop a carbon audit of the farm, which has shown that the Estate is currently carbon negative, sequestering an additional 500 – 1000 carbon units every year, beyond what can compensate for the Estate’s own emissions.

The Estate owners are not interested in changing their farm management practices to maximise carbon sequestration potential or develop BNG units but rather want to balance agricultural production, maintaining the Estate’s historical character and conserving nature.


Farm Profile:

  • Location: Corsham
  • Size of Land: 800 ha farmland on 2000 ha estate
  • Tenancy & Ownership: Family-owned estate with 6 tenants
  • Nature Market Focus: Carbon (soil & woodland)
  • Interventions: Organic farming, woodland management, reduced inputs
  • Project Partners: Trinity AgTech

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