High priorities for the launch of Biodiversity Net Gain: Supporting Government in the Rollout of Mandatory BNG Policy

Feb 12, 2024



Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an unprecedented opportunity to channel private finance into nature at scale and deliver meaningful ecological outcomes in England, not only mitigating harm from property development, but making an additional positive contribution to the local environment.

The government has been rightly ambitious to develop this policy, and the resulting market potential is substantial, estimated to be worth between £135 million and £274 million annually.

BNG offers potential benefits not only for the environment, but also for local communities, government, and the wider economy. With these potential benefits of BNG in reach, it is vital that the policy is implemented successfully. BNG is viewed as a highly ambitious policy, and many interested parties – both domestic and international – are watching to see how these many opportunities can be realised.

A group of experts leading on the development of BNG projects and investment in BNG projects across England – spanning ecology, land use, academia, finance, and local government – has formed to support the rollout of BNG, but also highlight that its success hinges on several factors yet to be addressed. These relate to the robust supply of, and demand for, BNG units and building capacity within the market.

On request, the Green Finance Institute convened these stakeholders (see Working Group Participants) to prepare this briefing note that calls to attention five high and immediate priorities for government to address to ensure the success of the newly launched BNG market.


The full briefing note is available here










As part of this Working Group, the Green Finance Institute has also noted several medium-term priorities and concerns, including supportive improvements to the Biodiversity Metric. For brevity, we have not included these in this document, but will provide more detail on these in the coming months.

If you have any questions or comments on this work, or would like to be involved in further discussions, please contact us at hive@gfi.green.


Working Group Participants:

With many thanks for their contributions to this briefing note:


Craig Llewellyn, Associate Ecologist & Biodiversity Policy Specialist, Atkins
Georgie Nelson, Head of ESG, Abrdn
Matthew Stanton, Head of Advocacy, Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust
Prue Addison, Conservation Strategy Director, Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust
Roland Bull, Head of Rural Investment, Bidwells
David Sutherland, Environment Bill Readiness Manager, Buckinghamshire County Council
James Kelly, Head of Investments, Connected Asset Management
Matthew Buckler, Director of Natural Solutions, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
Dan James, Development Director, Eden Project
Emma Toovey, Ecology Director, Environment Bank
Alex Hume, Senior Associate, Finance Earth
Richard Fitton, Director, Finance Earth
Samuel Evans, Head of Natural Environment, Greater Manchester Combined Authority
Helen Avery, Director of Nature Programmes, Green Finance Institute
Phoebe Tucker, Nature Associate, Green Finance Institute
Justin Adams OBE, Chair of Trustees, Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment
David Short, Partner, Lux Nova
Jo Heath, Green Finance Project Manager, National Trust
Joel Sellors-Moore, Ecologist, National Trust
Tim Field, Founder and Facilitator, Northeast Cotswolds Farming Cluster
Martin Taylor, Director, Oakleaf Land and Development
Tim Coates, Co-Founder, Oxbury Bank
Natalie Duffus, PhD Student, University of Oxford
Sophus zu Ermgassen, Ecological Economist, University of Oxford
Thomas Gegg, Project Development Lead, Palladium
Matthew McLuckie, Managing Partner, Posaidon Capital
Jack Rhodes, Environmental Consultant, RSPB
Sarah Burston, Programme Manager Biodiversity Net Gain, RSPB
Mark Alden, Enterprise Development Lead, South Downs National Park
Archie Ruggles-Brise, Partner and Estate Owner, Spains Hall Estate
Sarah-Jane Chimbwandira, Chief Executive Officer, Surrey Wildlife Trust
Tom Dyke, Senior Corporate Finance Manager, Triodos Bank UK
Whitni Thomas, Head of Corporate Finance, Triodos Bank UK
Rafi Cohen, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Verna
David Cole, Ecologist, Warwickshire County Council
David Lowe, Team Leader, Ecology, Historic Environment & Landscape, Warwickshire County Council
Glenn Anderson, Director of Landscape Strategy, Wendling Beck Exemplar Project
Phoebe Cox, Green Finance Manager, The Wildlife Trusts
Rebecca Pullinger, Lead Policy Advocate – Planning, Woodland Trust
Laura Moody, Associate Director, WSP
Jenny Merriman, Nature Advisory Strategic Lead, WSP