Building Renovation Plans are digital tools to help property owners access decision-useful information to retrofit their home. They provide information on the current energy performance of a property, past renovations; and a long-term retrofit roadmap that identifies future decarbonisation measures, along with links to contractors and finance options.

By accurately mapping the journey to a net-zero property and delivering information to individuals and businesses along the retrofit value chain, Building Renovation Plans build knowledge, confidence and trust; their standardisation and widespread adoption is a key part of increasing the rate and scale of retrofits in the UK.

Following extensive engagement with over 50 of its members from the retrofit energy, property and finance sectors and fields of data and academia, as well as local authorities and RSLs, in March 2021 the Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (CEEB) published a report presenting its recommendations for developing a standardised framework for Building Renovation Plans in the UK. In October 2021, the CEEB published Building Renovation Plans: An information requirements framework. The framework outlines good practice considerations and recommendations for organisations developing BRP propositions, as well as those that seek to support their introduction. Please get in touch with [email protected].