Accelerating the decarbonisation of homes requires homeowners and landlords to have confidence that retrofit measures will deliver the anticipated energy and cost savings. To achieve this outcome, the Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings (CEEB) and industry partners are establishing a standardised, industry-recognised protocol to ‘meter’ energy savings in buildings in the UK.

The Metered Energy Savings protocol seeks to provide actionable data and real-time performance monitoring to catalyse the development of new financial products, services and business models to scale the market for green home retrofits. A protocol will also unlock significant opportunities for the finance and property sectors, which in turn can support energy efficiency, reduce emissions and create warmer homes with lower energy bills throughout the UK.

In February 2021, the CEEB released a report to introduce the concept of metered energy savings, outline the various stakeholders for whom it is valuable, and the different business models it could support. The report also presents the proposed protocol, setting out the data inputs that are essential and highly desirable to be included.

The CEEB invites retrofit, energy, data and finance professionals to respond with their comments and feedback on the Metered Energy Savings protocol to