Sustainable finance training within banks, asset managers and asset owners is limited and needs to be urgently increased. In addition to improving broad-based sustainable finance training across business lines, financial institutions should consider specific training on biodiversity risk and impact, as well as sharing emerging nature-based investment financing opportunities across teams.

Employment of nature specialists – ecologists, project developers – should also be considered to expand overall understanding and cross-pollinate learning.

To engage employees beyond training, financial institutions can also identify “Nature Champions” within leadership teams that can raise awareness and drive shifts in corporate culture.

To drive cultural change, internal policies and performance metrics that provide incentives for the structuring, offering and use of financial products with positive impacts on nature could be incorporated.


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BNP Paribas' Biodiversity Training
BNP Paribas, for example, includes nature within its sustainability training for its 200,000 employees. For its top 500 management, natural capital specific training is provided and certification with the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership. At business, function and team level nature trainings are also offered.