The Investment Readiness Toolkit

The Investment Readiness Toolkit is an online and interactive framework that takes nature-based project developers and enterprises along the eight milestones of a path to ‘Investment Readiness’, providing key considerations and case studies.

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Useful Resources

Report: Investing in Carbon Markets: Cleared for Take Off

Date published: October 2023

Report: The High Cost of Cheap Water  

Date published: October 2023
Released on World Food Day, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)'s The High Cost of Cheap Water report uncovers a stark reality: the annual economic value of water and freshwater ecosystems is estimated to be USD 58 trillion – equivalent to 60% of global Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The report finds that direct economic benefits, such as water consumption for households, irrigated agriculture and industries, amount to a minimum of USD 7.5 trillion annually. It also estimates that the unseen benefits - which include purifying water, enhancing soil health, storing carbon, and protecting communities from extreme floods and droughts - are seven times higher at around USD 50 trillion annually. But the world’s freshwater ecosystems are in a downward spiral, posing an ever growing risk to these economic values.  

Report: State of Voluntary Biodiversity Credits Market: A Global Review of Biodiversity Credit Schemes

Date published: October 2023
Pollination has carried out one of the most extensive global analysis to date of voluntary biodiversity credit schemes. The report creates three review frameworks to support the comparative analysis of biodiversity credit schemes: a design framework, integrity framework and technical framework. Using these frameworks, Pollination analysed eight biodiversity credit schemes, providing a view of the supply side of this fast-emerging market. The report  identifies key characteristics and market trends across the 8 schemes. It also identifies six key attributes of voluntary biodiversity credit schemes that should be prioritised for improvement over coming years.

Report: Let's Discuss Nature with Climate: Engagement Guide 

Date published: October 2023
Building on the nature-related finance collaboration between the Banking Environment Initiative (BEI) and Investment Leaders Group (ILG), the Centre for Sustainable Finance (CISL)’s new Let’s Discuss Nature with Climate Engagement Guide details how banks and investment managers can accelerate the transition to a nature-positive economy by engaging with portfolio clients and investee companies on nature protection and restoration through existing climate mitigation efforts. The Guide presents a five-phase approach (see diagram below) to integrate nature into existing engagements on climate.