Financing green

The Green Finance Institute focuses on the systemic transitions that need to be financed within the real economy, such as the energy efficient retrofitting of buildings, and the decarbonisation of road transport.

Overcoming the barriers to investment in these and other sectors requires harnessing the expertise of broad groups of stakeholders through outcome focused coalitions.

Our approach is ruthlessly practical. The coalitions comprise practitioners from industry, finance, government, academia and the non-profit sectors, who understand the market failures and investment gaps, and can co-design the innovative financial products and vehicles that combine both public and private finance to create attractive investment opportunities.

We have an ambitious domestic programme with international aims. As we successfully catalyse the creation of new financial facilities and mechanisms, we will adapt and export these innovations and apply them to new environmental challenges and opportunities.

Greening finance

We support the greening of the financial system through close collaboration with financial regulators, policymakers, trade bodies, think tanks, foundations and multilateral organisations to shape the global green finance agenda.

Knowledge exchange

We are champions of the first Green Finance Education Charter for financial services professional bodies and their members and support the UK Government’s diplomatic and trade efforts through education, knowledge sharing and advisory work.


We support and work with other networks and initiatives including:

All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking – Bankers for Net-zero
All Party Parliamentary Group on Sustainable Finance
Climate Finance Accelerator
Coalition for Climate Resilient Investment (CCRI)
Committee on Climate Change Finance Advisory Group
Impact Investing Institute
Spatial Finance Initiative
The Broadway Initiative
The Dasgupta Review
The WEF Friends of Climate Action
UK-China Green Finance Taskforce
Zero Carbon Campaign