About the Sustainable Finance Education Charter

Professional bodies play key roles in shaping and defining this knowledge and understanding, as well as the standards, norms, values, and practices in their respective professions.

Recognising this, in 2020 the Green Finance Education Charter was established, relaunched with a broader scope as the Sustainable Finance Education Charter in 2023 in the UK Government’s 2nd Green Finance Strategy. The Charter is the UK’s main policy mechanism to improve sustainability-related skills and expertise to support green and sustainable finance policy delivery.

The Charter is a partnership between the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, 14 leading, global professional bodies with more than 1 million members between us, and the UK’s Green Finance Institute.

The Charter and its commitments

To bring sustainable finance into the mainstream, finance professionals need to have the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to accurately assess climate and nature-related risk and opportunities. The Sustainable Finance Education Charter is a critical step towards this goal and should help incorporate sustainable finance principles and practice throughout the business, finance and professional services sectors. To read more about the Sustainable Finance Education Charter commitments, please click the icon below:

1. Continue to engage our members on issues related to climate change, environmental and sustainability issues, with the aim or raising their profile within our profession;

2. Curate, develop and promote relevant resources to our members on green and sustainable finance…

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We invite other professional bodies around the world to join the Charter and share our expertise and good practice.

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In 2023, reflecting the need for professional bodies to engage with our members on issues beyond climate, including on biodiversity, nature-based finance and social sustainability, the Charter was relaunched as the Sustainable Finance Education Charter.

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