Transport is the largest contributor to UK domestic greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for 24% of domestic emissions in 2019. Within the sector, road transport was the largest emitter of Green House Gases (GHGs), with cars alone contributing 55% of this total.

Reducing transport emissions is a crucial part of tackling climate change, meeting the UK’s net zero target and embracing the 2030 internal combustion engine (ICE) phase out, with the additional benefits of reducing air and noise pollution and creating skilled jobs across the supply chain.

Road transport is a complex and inherently interconnected ecosystem and the financial solutions needed to support and enable decarbonisation require a collaborative approach across multiple sectors and value chains within the future mobility ecosystem, underpinned by a strong policy and regulatory framework. Both public and private finance have a critical role to play.

The Green Finance Institute established the Coalition for the Decarbonisation of Road Transport (CDRT) in May 2021 to unlock the financial barriers to the decarbonisation of road transport and enabling infrastructure, initially in the UK, to support the transition to a zero-carbon and climate resilient economy.

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