New report on local authority retrofit finance

by | Feb 23, 2021

The Green Finance Institute’s Coalition for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings and UKGBC’s Accelerator Cities programme today publishes Retrofit funding propositions, a report that captures the insights and recommendations from a workshop that brought together delegates from local authorities, housing associations and the finance sector.

The report explores the importance of collaboration between local and combined authorities and the finance community, outlining a cross-sectoral approach to decarbonising the UK’s building stock that can benefit from:

  • A deeper knowledge of local housing markets to enable the appropriate design, and scale-up, of new and existing funding models for all circumstances.
  • An opportunity for the social housing sector to act as a foundation for long-term programmes that stimulate retrofitting across all tenures.
  • A clear role for local and combined authorities, especially if resource challenges can be addressed as a key part of the process.

Over the year ahead, the UKGBC Accelerator Cities programme will convene a series of ‘design labs’, with support from the Green Finance Institute, to take the discussions forward by outlining individual and coordinated financial and delivery mechanisms, in collaboration with initiatives in the green built environment and finance sectors.