ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. We believe that accountancy is a cornerstone profession of society that supports both public and private sectors. That’s why we’re committed to the development of a strong global accountancy profession and the many benefits that this brings to society and individuals.

Since 1904 being a force for public good has been embedded in our purpose and in 2020 we responded to the UN’s call for a decade of action to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals by setting out a number of specific commitments related to social and environmental issues.

And because we’re a not-for-profit organisation, we build a sustainable global profession by re-investing our surplus to deliver member value and develop the profession for the next generation.

Who are ACCA’s members?

We have more than 227,000 fully qualified members and 544,000 future members worldwide. Our members are trained to think critically and strategically. Every day, ACCA professional accountants support people and organisations in making sound decisions and doing the right thing. They are leaders in the organisations they work all over the world, helping them to grow and prosper in an ethical, responsible way. They have the highest professional values and ethics that our brand reputation relies on.

How does green finance affect them?
Green finance matters to ACCA’s members as they work to protect and create value and build sustainable organisations. From reporting and risk management to enabling capital to support to more sustainable activities, the many components that make up green finance are gowing in importance to members in the activities that they undertake across the profession.
What is ACCA doing to support its members?

Through our world-leading ACCA Qualification, we offer everyone everywhere the opportunity to experience a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management. And using our respected research, we lead the profession by answering today’s questions and preparing us for tomorrow.

Through being a signatory to the Green Finance Education Charter, we’re able to work with other bodies to build capacity across the profession to engage with the range of green finance issues and work with our stakeholders and partners around the world to support the growth of green finance. The Charter provides clear milestones that act as a rallying call and focus for coordinated activities both in relation to the ACCA Qualification and also to ongoing continuous professional development of existing members.

Green Finance Education Resources Available

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Find out more about our support for the Green Finance Education Charter:

Helen Brand OBE, chief executive, ACCA said:

Working with related professions, accountants have a valuable and intrinsic part to play in delivering the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. That’s why ACCA’s thrilled to be part of this coalition to launch the Green Finance Education Charter. ACCA commits to continuing to ensure green finance is an integral part of our world-class Qualification and members’ CPD. After all, it’s through professional education that accountants and their membership bodies like ACCA can support the transition to a low-carbon world.