The Association of Corporate Treasurers is the only professional treasury body with a Royal Charter. With over 6,100 members and students, the ACT sets the global benchmark for treasury excellence. It leads the profession through its internationally recognised qualifications, by defining standards and by championing continuing professional development. The ACT is the authentic voice of the treasury profession, representing the interests of the real economy and educating, supporting, and leading the treasurers of today and tomorrow.
Who are the ACT members?
Our members are qualified treasurers working in every part of the economy, responsible for financial and risk management across both the public and private sectors. Treasurers work across financial services as well as corporate business in the UK and across the globe. Treasurers play a key role in harnessing the power of private sector finance and providing expertise to fund activities that support their organisation’s transition to a low-carbon, more sustainable and fairer world that delivers on a range of Sustainable Development Goals.
How does green finance affect them?
With greater focus on green finance, treasurers play a critical role in working with banks and fixed income investors to articulate their particular approach. In addition, treasurers are expected to provide regular updates to their investors, pulling relevant data from across their organisations to demonstrate how they are performing against any relevant KPIs. The treasury profession is therefore vital in driving forward the green and sustainable recovery that governments across the world have committed to. Whilst our young professionals are now seeing green finance integrated into their qualifications, we continue to support our members by asking: how can finance professionals that are already qualified upskill and transition to the greener approach that is so urgently required?
What is the ACT doing to support its members?
The GFEC commits us in the immediate term to engage our members on environmental issues, develop resources for them and encourage adoption of national and global standards. Over the medium term we are engaging with stakeholders including policymakers, regulators and researchers to develop and advocate best practice in green finance, embed it in our qualifications and training and work with the Green Finance Institute to engage employers to build green finance into initial and continuing professional development.

Green Finance Education Resources Available

Taking the Green Finance Education Charter into Business
Recorded as part of London Climate Action Week this event asked what can we do to build the capabilities of institutions and individuals to lead and support business in a green recovery? It is available as a short on-demand video here:

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