We are a professional body dedicated to building public trust in the insurance and financial planning profession. Our strapline Standards. Professionalism. Trust. embodies our commitment to driving confidence in the power of professional standards: competence, integrity and care for the customer.

We deliver that commitment through relevant learning, insightful leadership and an engaged membership. Our 125,000 members commit to high professional standards by maintaining continuing professional development and adhering to a published ethical code.

Our Royal Charter requires us to secure and justify the confidence of the public.

Who are the CII’s Members?

The Chartered Insurance Institute had 125,000 members, of whom around 10 per cent are based outside the UK. Over two thirds of these members were enrolled with the following societies, focused on different aspects of insurance and financial planning:

  • Personal Finance Society
  • Society of Insurance Broking
  • Society of Claims Professionals
  • Society of Underwriting Professionals
  • Society of Mortgage Professionals
How does green finance affect them?

Sustainability affects our members in many different ways, some of which are:

  • Giving financial advice based on ESG principles, and engaging with clients to explain how they can invest to achieve social and sustainable goals
  • Acting as institutional investors
  • Operating responsible underwriting policies
  • Ensuring their operations and facilities are run in a sustainable way
What is the CII doing to support its members?

The CII is a founding member of Climate Wise, an organization dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in insurance. We offer our members a range of resources and learning tools in partnership with Climate Wise.

We also offer our Personal Finance Society members good practice guides on key issues around sustainability including Environmental, Social and Governance issues and Social Impact Investing.

Green Finance Education Resources Available

The ClimateWise physical and transition risk frameworks

Find out more about our support for the Green Finance Education Charter:

Contact Matthew.Connell@cii.co.uk

Matthew Connell, Director, Policy and Public Affairs

For the Chartered Insurance Institute, signing the Green Finance Charter builds on twenty-five years of work on climate change, including becoming a founding member of the insurance sector’s ClimateWise initiative in 2007.  The work we have set out to do under the Green Finance Charter will help insurance and financial planning professionals to continue to adapt to the needs of the market and wider society.