The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) is the UK’s only chartered professional body dedicated to educating, developing and regulating actuaries. We represent over 32,000 members worldwide. Our members are experts in the management of long-term prudential risks. We speak out on issues where actuaries have the expertise to provide analysis and insight in order to shape sustainable solutions to the challenges facing our world today.
Who are IFoA’s Members?
The actuarial profession specialises in risk management. Our members work in a range of roles across the financial sector and have an important role in providing advice and financial expertise to manage key risks, such as the risks arising from climate change. As a profession that acts in the public interest, the actuarial profession has responsibility to support the transition to a low-carbon global economy and achievement of the targets outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
How does green finance affect them?
The financial sector has a vital role to play in achieving the government’s net zero ambitions. Actuaries support the growth of green finance through the provision of advice on investment portfolios, by promoting stewardship and allocating capital. We are confident that actuaries will play their part in ensuring the financial system serves society in the management of climate-related risk.
What is IFoA doing to support its members?
The GFEC commits us in the immediate term to engage our members on environmental issues, develop resources for them and encourage adoption of national and global standards. Over the medium term we are engaging with stakeholders including policy-makers, regulators and researchers to develop and advocate best practice in green finance, embed it in our qualifications and training and work with the Green Finance Institute to engage employers to build green finance into initial and continuing professional development.

Green Finance Education Resources Available

Climate change curated library
This resource aims to support finance professionals in their self-directed learning in an area in which they may have modest prior knowledge and learning.

Find out more about our support for the Green Finance Education Charter:

Stephen Mann, IFoA’s Chief Executive, said the IFoA:

Is proud to become a signatory to the Green Finance Education Charter. Actuaries have a key role to play in promoting an understanding of climate risk and of the importance of Green Finance. We consider the Charter to be a useful tool in helping us to empower our members to fulfil this role.