Utilisation Linked Finance (ULF)

A successful UK-first pilot project in Orkney, Scotland, has demonstrated how deploying public finance catalytically could unlock billions of pounds worth of private capital to help tackle the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) “postcode lottery”.

The trial, a pilot of a new financial innovation called Utilisation Linked Finance (ULF), provides a blueprint for charge point rollouts across the most rural, seasonal, and ‘left behind’ communities in the UK’s EV transition.

ULF is delivered in partnership with global asset finance group DLL, through its Pay-per-use (PPU) solution. This structure enables charge point operators, local authorities, and businesses to pay for charge points variably, as they become revenue-generating. DLL have further leveraged the impact of PPU through a limited philanthropic guarantee arranged by the GFI. ULF could replicate this UK-wide and also support businesses across the country.


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Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD)

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UK Green Taxonomy

The Green Technical Advisory Group (GTAG) provides independent, non-binding advice to Government on the design and implementation of a UK Green Taxonomy.



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The Green Finance Fund

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Investment Readiness Toolkit/Farming Toolkit

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