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Since our inception in 2019, our pragmatic approach to channelling capital to facilitate real economy change has shaped the discourse around green finance. As an independent company with a proven track record, our credibility, capability and cross-sector engagement enable us respond to market barriers and develop solutions where others can’t.

The Green Finance Institute is an independent advisor to Government. We test, demonstrate, and scale the financial solutions needed to accelerate the transition to a net-zero and nature positive economy.

We partner with financial organisations, corporates, NGOs, policymakers, academics and civil society experts to create and scale innovative solutions that deliver practical outcomes for communities and economies. Here in the UK the GFI has helped to pioneer the use of green mortgages, local climate bonds and property linked finance.

We are staffed by financial experts who are committed to driving the action needed at the pace and scale that the science demands. Since our inception in 2019, our approach to channelling capital to facilitate real economy change has shaped the debate around green finance.

Identify financing needs by sector

New approach to sectoral transition, embedded in government backed approach

Propose Solutions

Market leading investment guides and new policy frameworks

Support innovation

Blended finance pilots, development funds, supportive local partnerships

Deliver impactful outcomes

Building institutional capacity for blended finance, new models for local delivery

Share and learn

Expanding and improving our work on pillars 1 – 4 both nationally and internationally

GFI’s proven approach has positioned the UK as a green finance innovation lab. Our cross-sector initiatives – financial and regulatory solutions to some of the biggest barriers to channelling capital into sustainable initiatives – are scalable across geographies, accelerating the transition to a net zero and nature-positive economy.

Featured programmes


Built Environment


Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs)


Green Finance Facility (GF²)


Green Taxonomy (GTAG)


Local Authority Decarbonisation


National Wealth Fund Taskforce


TNFD UK National Consultation Group



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The GFI team has a wealth of experience from across financial services, policy and academia. Led by mission-driven finance experts, we are committed to driving the action we need at the pace and scale that the science demands.