Driving real economy change for a net zero and nature positive future

The size and urgency of the climate crisis means financial commitments must now become real investments.

Leveraging its unique mandate from governments and its financial market expertise, the Green Finance Institute (GFI) is a global organisation that bridges the gap between committed capital and implementation by designing and scaling green financial markets for tomorrow.

By establishing the enabling policy, and regulatory and risk conditions for investment, we are able to build new institutional capability to drive the adoption of scalable sectoral solutions, crowding in the investment required to deliver net zero and nature positive outcomes.

Beginning in the UK, we are now leveraging the GFI’s unique capability and proven methodology to create investible markets that facilitate the supply of capital across the globe.


Case studies



National Wealth Fund (NWF)

In July 2024, the Chancellor Rachel Reeves supercharged growth in the green industries of the future with the establishment of the National Wealth Fund...


Insurance and pensions fund investors can unlock capital to accelerate the green transition

Sectoral Green Transition Fund could save the taxpayer billions while driving economic growth



The Green Finance Fund

The Green Finance Fund was one of the recommendations from the Green Finance Institute (GFI) report, Mobilising Capital at Scale for Net-Zero Projects.



Battery Investment Facility

The UK’s automotive sector is critical to the UK the economy, turning over £79 billion a year and directly employing c. 800,000 across...



UK Green Taxonomy

The Green Technical Advisory Group (GTAG) provides independent, non-binding advice to Government on the design and implementation of a UK Green Taxonomy.



Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD)

The Green Finance Institute co-chaired the TNFD Informal Working Group and as well the launch of the TNFD



Investment Readiness Toolkit/Farming Toolkit

The Green Finance Institute has developed two toolkits: (1) an Investment Readiness Project Toolkit and (2) a Farming Toolkit.



"The objectives of the Paris Agreement cannot be met without nature. It remains undervalued and underutilized as a climate mitigation and adaptation solution. (The Risk Quantification Report) This important contribution from the Green Finance Institute underscores the need to address nature-related risks and opportunities. Businesses and financial institutions now have the tools they need to take action and re-direct capital towards a net-zero and nature-positive economy."

HE Razan Al Mubarak

UN Climate Change High Level Champion, COP28


“The Green Home Finance Principles provided a framework that we used to create and launch our Green Mortgage. The Principles allowed us to demonstrate the way we would make a difference to carbon emissions from housing rather than just talking about it and we will continue to use them when developing our Green Mortgage range.”

Barry Carter

CEO, Hinckley & Rugby Building Society


“The Local Climate Bond was an exciting way to engage with our residents and show our commitment to becoming net zero. As the first in the country to choose this as a cheaper form of borrowing to fund important green projects, we had no idea how it would be received, but the response was fantastic and we reached our target ahead of time. We are still reaping the benefits as investors continue to donate their interest to help finance further projects such as our popular wildflower verges, which is testament to how firmly people are engaged. Our work with the Green Finance Institute and Abundance Investment on the Local Climate Bond Campaign continues to drive growth and innovation in this market, and we’re pleased to be able to with.”

Joseph Holmes

Executive Director, West Berkshire Council