About the Sustainable Finance Education Charter commitments:

Recognising that professional bodies, and other similar institutions can play key roles in developing the capability and capacity of the banking, finance and professional services sectors to mainstream green and sustainable finance, we therefore undertake to do the following where we are able:

1. Continue to engage our members on issues related to climate change, environmental and sustainability issues, with the aim of raising their profile within our profession;

2. Curate, develop and promote relevant resources to our members on green and sustainable finance;

3. Encourage adoption of relevant global and national standards, frameworks and guidance;

4. Review professional Code of Conduct, and related guidance, and update or augment these to reflect green and sustainable finance principles

5. Review relevant programmes of initial and continuing professional development to ascertain existing coverage of and opportunities for encompassing green and sustainable finance;

6. Mainstream the principles and practices of green and sustainable finance into relevant programmes of initial and continuing professional development.

7. Engage with policymakers, regulators, researchers and practitioners to identify and promote impactful and effective best practices in green and sustainable finance, and support national strategies;

8 Collaborate with signatories to this Charter, and with other domestic and international counterparts to enhance and promote the integration of green and sustainable finance into academic and professional programmes of education and training;

9. Work with the Green Finance Institute to engage employers and encourage commitment to and take up of green and sustainable finance programmes of initial and continuing professional development;

10. Report annually on our progress in mainstreaming the principles and practice of green and sustainable finance.