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About us

About us

In line with the broader Green Finance Institute’s vision of a greener future made possible by finance, the Nature Team (GFI Hive) is committed to supporting the transition of the global economy to one that values and invests in the natural environment.

Our mission is to increase the role of the private sector in paying for and investing in nature restoration, nature-based solutions and nature-positive outcomes, ensuring that communities are engaged and rewarded within this new paradigm.

Like our colleagues across GFI, we are wholly outcomes-focused, and work across the UK with the finance sector, government, academia, environmental NGOs and land managers to identify and unlock barriers to this mission, and increasingly work internationally to apply and gather learnings.


Nature positive solutions

To fill the gap of finance needed to achieve global nature goals, private sector finance is required to pay for natural capital preservation and regeneration, and at GFI Hive we aim to mobilise this finance across three pillars we view as simultaneously critical to the mission.


A pipeline of investable projects that deliver nature-positive outcomes and an understanding of the actions that companies can take to increase their positive impact .


Corporate buyers to purchase ecosystem services or invest in nature-positive outcomes. A financial sector committed to providing upfront investment and lending.

Enabling Policy and Infrastructure

A supportive policy and regulatory environment that build confidence in nature investment and drives both supply of, and demand for nature-positive outcomes.

Latest Insights


Assessing the Materiality of Nature-Related Financial Risks for the UK

Assessing the Materiality of Nature-Related Financial Risks for the UK


New expert-led report sets out key recommendations to scale private sector finance into natural flood management

Cross-sector, expert-led natural flood management group commissioned by Defra sets out practical recommendations and a standardised approach to enable the flow of private sector...


UK Nature-Related Risk Analysis Update

In early 2023, the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC), University of Oxford, University of Reading and the National Institute of Economic...

Explore the GFI Hive Toolkits


Investment Readiness Toolkit

The Investment Readiness Toolkit is an online and interactive framework that takes nature-based project developers and enterprises along the eight milestones of a path to Investment Readiness, providing key considerations and case studies.

This Toolkit was commissioned by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and is intended for any project developer or enterprise interested in restoring or creating natural habitats in the UK with the use of private finance – including farmers, estate owners, charities, local authorities, project developers or aggregators.


Farming Toolkit for Assessing Nature Market Opportunities

The Farming Toolkit has been commissioned by Defra as a free resource to support England’s farming community in understanding and navigating emerging nature market opportunities. It is a version of the Investment Readiness Toolkit bespoke to farmers.

The Toolkit is divided into two sections – the Introduction to Nature Markets gives an overview of nature markets as a concept and answers commons questions. The Snake provides a step-by-step guide for how nature market projects are developed in practice by farmers.

Case studies



Oxygen Conservation

Oxygen Conservation is a UK-based company that invests in land to protect and restore natural capital. In 2023, Oxygen Conservation acquired two estates in...



Responsible Commodities Facility

The Responsible Commodities Facility provides financial incentives to produce soy in existing cleared and degraded lands in order to discourage further expansion of agricultural...



AGRI3 Fund

The Agri3 Fund facilitates investment in sustainable agriculture by providing partial loan guarantees to commercial banks, known as partner banks, on loans to sustainable...

Useful resources


Roadmap: High Integrity Marine Natural Capital Markets in the UK: A Roadmap for Action


Guide: Investing in Nature: Opportunities for Intuitional Investors


Report: Rewilding Finance


Report: The Global Bioeconomy