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Our mission

In line with the broader Green Finance Institute’s vision of a greener future made possible by finance, the Nature Team (GFI Hive) is committed to supporting the transition of the global economy to one that values and invests in the natural environment.

Our mission, therefore, is to increase the role of the private sector in paying for and investing in nature restoration, nature-based solutions and nature-positive outcomes, ensuring that communities are engaged and rewarded within this new paradigm.

Like our colleagues across GFI, we are wholly outcomes-focused, and work across the UK with the finance sector, government, academia, environmental NGOs and land managers to identify and unlock barriers to this mission, and increasingly work internationally to apply and gather learnings.


The UK challenge

In 2021, The GFI commissioned environmental economics consultancy, eftec to estimate the financing gap for UK nature targets. Some £44 billion to £97 billion in additional financing was identified as being needed to achieve the UK’s key nature goals by 2030. This estimate was based on the limited data available at that time, but illustrates the monumental task at hand. Globally this gap is estimated to be over $8 trillion to 2050.


21 - 53 £bn


15 - 27 £bn


5 - 7 £bn

Northern Ireland

3 - 7 £bn

Overseas Territories

£200m - 1.4 £bn2

To fill this gap, private sector finance is required to pay for natural capital preservation and regeneration, and at GFI Hive we aim to mobilise this finance across three pillars we view as simultaneously critical to the mission.


A pipeline of investible projects that deliver nature- positive outcomes, and an understanding of the actions that companies can take to increase their positive impact.


Corporate buyers to purchase ecosystem services or invest in nature-positive outcomes. A financial sector committed to providing upfront investment and lending.

Enabling Policy & Infrastucture

A supportive policy and regulatory environment that builds confidence in nature investment and drives both supply of, and demand for nature-positive outcomes.

What we do at GFI Hive

In order to respond to the above challenges, GFI Hive:

  • Brings together government, the finance sector, communities, land managers, academia, business and eNGOs to collectively identify barriers to the flow of private sector capital into high integrity nature projects, and to co-design solutions – be those policy changes, knowledge exchange, data platforms or financial products.
  • Supports and advises on over £14 million of the UK’s natural environment investment readiness funds that help develop the crucial pipeline.
  • Designs and manages toolkits as free resources for over 100 land managers to speed up pipeline and identify barriers.
  • Works with UK government and over 500 UK businesses to support the assessment of nature-related impacts and dependencies (risks).
  • Collects data on UK nature investment and hosts a knowledge sharing hub with resources, podcasts and case studies on nature investment deals.

In addition to our nature and finance work at GFI Hive, the Green Finance Institute hosts the Secretariat for the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures and runs the TNFD’s UK National Consultation Group. GFI also oversees the Land, Nature, and Adapted Systems Advisory Group (LNAS Advisory Group) advising the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) on definitions of economic activities that can be defined as environmentally sustainable as part of the broader UK Green Taxonomy.



"The objectives of the Paris Agreement cannot be met without nature. It remains undervalued and underutilized as a climate mitigation and adaptation solution. (The Risk Quantification Report) This important contribution from the Green Finance Institute underscores the need to address nature-related risks and opportunities. Businesses and financial institutions now have the tools they need to take action and re-direct capital towards a net-zero and nature-positive economy."

HE Razan Al Mubarak

UN Climate Change High Level Champion, COP28

“Nature sustains economies and livelihoods, that is why the Government’s Green Finance Strategy incorporates both nature and climate adaptation. It is in the interests of corporates and financial institutions to prepare for the global transition to a net zero, resilient and nature positive economy, so I welcome this report.”

Baroness Vere of Norbiton

Former Parliamentary Secretary, HM Treasury

“GFI’s brilliant report gives scientific weight to a truth that millions of UK voters know instinctively: restoring nature is an economic imperative. If we continue to neglect nature, almost a fifth of UK GDP is at stake. By contrast, investing in nature would save billions for businesses and the NHS. Every political party must commit to redouble public investment in nature-recovery, particularly in the most vulnerable sectors like agriculture. But private investment is essential too. Mandatory disclosure of corporate impacts on nature and stronger laws to make polluters to pay for nature recovery must surely be a top priority for Government.”

Richard Benwell

CEO, Wildlife & Countryside Link

"We are thrilled to support the Farming Toolkit for Assessing Nature Market Opportunities. This is a useful resource for farmers wanting to invest in nature. Thank you to all the partners who shared their expertise to develop this toolkit. The Green Finance Institute is creating a great platform for organisations and farmers wanting to collaborate and grow nature markets."

Oxbury Bank

, Oxbury Bank

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